Dedico este espacio a la obra del artista John Sevigny.

John Sevigny at Benedictine University for 2010

John Sevigny has recently been named Benedictine University’s Artist-in-Residence for 2010. Mr. Sevigny was enthusiastically selected because of his diverse experiences as a photo-journalist,photographer, writer, and teacher.

Originally from Miami, Florida, Sevigny studied at the prestigious Poynter Institute for Media Studies before becoming a member of the Associated Press. Over the last decade, he has lived mostly in Mexico, and dealt with issues pertaining to immigration. He is an authority figure on the subject of human trafficking, and social causes, such as the treatment of women in Latin America and the rights of Native Americans in Florida.

Benedictine University has invited Mr. Sevigny to teach a photography course called “Social Documentary Photography in the Digital Age” from January 25 – March 22. In it, he will discuss his work and the breadth of photographers who work in the field of photo-journalism and social documentary. At the conclusion of the course, Sevigny will curate a photography exhibition for Benedictine University, consisting of his work and those of his students.

Sevigny frequently contributes articles for Guernica Magazine, and is Copy Editor of Visura Magazine. Additionally, he maintains a blog of his images and concerns at “El Muerto Pare el Santo” at Visura Magazine online now!

                                    For more information regarding John Sevigny’s photographs and scheduling an exhibition of his work contact:
                                                                                       Teresa J. Parker c/o or cell phone:
                                                                                                                                                    John Sevigny:                                                                                                   Portrait of John Sevigny by Miriam Berkley – All Rights Reserved • 2009                    

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